About Us

We are a leading UK provider of healthcare e-learning, established in 2002 to create short courses addressing a number of topics identified by NHS Trusts, Social Services and other healthcare agencies.

FAST's team have over 35 years combined experience in delivering interactive training and in creating and managing genuinely accessible and flexible e-learning solutions.

  • FAST has built and developed a wide range of relationships with key professionals to ensure that its e-learning is appropriate, timely and relevant
  • FAST subject matter experts not only advise on course creation, but ensure that FAST e-learning is kept up to date
  • FAST works with cutting edge course production partners to create courses that use the very best in multi-media technology for the many satisfied learners who report satisfaction with the courses quality, flexibility and user-friendliness
  • FAST supplies its clients with a means of measuring performance through its Learning Management System (LMS) enabling course-tracking, user reports and training audits
  • FAST works with partners to create customised solutions aimed at contributing to an organisation's training needs

We work closely with topic specialists in identifying the needs of healthcare personnel and more importantly ensuring that the courses then created directly focus on the information actually needed that is wholly appropriate for its audience. This in turn improves the service delivered by personnel for the benefit of patients and service users.

Through close working with our many different healthcare partners we have developed many features that aid learners, such as the FAST 'Bookmarking System' which allows users to work at their own pace and to break off at any time ready to resume as convenient.

Completion of any of our courses to the required level initiates the issuance of a personalised Completion Certificate giving proof positive evidence of success in all course tests.

Our partners range over a number of UK NHS specialists actively working at their specialisms, also with training experience. This ensures that we firstly address those key, critical topics identified by our Subject Matter Experts but also create a scheme of learning that focuses on just what is needed for the best patient and service-user care.

Together with our partners FAST creates courses suitable for health, community and social care professionals and support staff. This means that for over 10 years FAST has supported training for personnel in the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Local Authority Social Services, GP Surgeries, pharmacists, dentists and, as regards safeguarding the vulnerable, leisure centres and schools.

FAST is particularly conscious of the need to make the experience of on-line learning and training enjoyable and easy to use. To that end we ensure that our learning systems are simple to operate, and engage the user in the learning process through a variety of e-learning techniques.

FAST's team is dedicated to delivering a first class learning experience and to responding quickly to queries and training requests.