Basic Child Protection

Enabling personnel from a wide range of agencies, who have contact with children to understand the essential background to working with children.

How this course can help you

FAST presents a training programme created by Fiona West, Associate Director, Children's Health Services, Milton Keynes NHS, designed to ensure that all those involved with working with children are acutely aware of the governing laws, guidance and codes of practice. The course fully reflects national guidelines and uses varied scenarios to underline the variety of situations that arise in practice, with an emphasis on sharing information with other agencies.

Course Content

  • Child protection - Context and Terminology;
  • Key Guidance and Legislation;
  • Child Maltreatment - Different forms,Definitions, Indicators and Effects, Grooming;

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Understand the role of safeguarding and promoting children's welfare
  • Know of the relevant codes of practice and legal requirements
  • Know how to handle concerns arising for a child's welfare
  • Know where to find support and advice.

Benefits of the course

This course will benefit organisations and their partner-agencies by supplying to those involved in different capacities for the protection of children with essential information and to develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities and so enhance their ability to undertake their duty. Not only serving as an invaluable tool for blended learning strategies, the e-learning approach is especially suitable for service groups who may have difficulties releasing staff to attend training sessions, or where local capacity to deliver sessions is not sufficient.

Basic Child Protection £19.99