Basic Life Support (BLS) Skills including CPR

Emergency skills for those with clinical or non-clinical experience.

Essential skills that will help you save lives

  • In the UK, 75,000 people every year die from a cardiac arrest before they reach hospital
  • 275,000 people have a heart attack each year
  • Coronary Heart Disease is the biggest killer in this country
  • About 80% of Cardiac Arrests happen away from the hospital environment (home, work)
  • Bystander CPR can double the casualty's chances of survival
  • 25,000 children are treated at A&E after choking
  • Choking is the third largest killer of Children (after road accidents and fires)
Learn at your own pace

How this course can help you

Basic life support skills can, in the case of an emergency, save lives. Designed to deliver the theoretical aspects of basic life support skills, including CPR so to help users to develop sufficient knowledge to be able to respond effectively and confidently in an emergency situation such as when a person is unconscious. The training is accessed on-line with realistic scenarios taking the learner carefully through the signs to look out for and the procedures to be followed. Because the course is interactive, learners will be able to test their progress, and receive, on completing the End-of Course Assessment, a Certificate.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Pre-Course Test
  • Module 1: First steps in an emergency:
    • Dealing with Emergency situations
    • Helping a casualty who is conscious and able to talk
    • Assessing an unconscious casualty
    • Buying time: Time is crucial when the heart stops
    • The chain of survival
  • Module 2: Keep the casualty alive
    • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • How to perform CPR
    • Performing CPR on children
    • Defibrillation/ Using an AED
    • Helping someone who is choking
    • How to put someone in the recovery position

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Have an appreciation of the value of possessing basic life support skills
  • Have a clear understanding of what to do when faced with a casualty who is not breathing
  • Recognise the signs of a heart attack
  • Be familiar with the concept of the chain of survival
  • Describe and deliver CPR
  • Know the difference between administering CPR to children and to adults
  • Have an appreciation of how defibrillators work and what impact early defibrillation has
  • Know, Step-by-step, how to use an AED
  • Know how to help someone who is choking - baby, child or adult
  • Be familiar with how and when to put someone in the recovery position
  • Know where to find support , advice and hands-on-training.

Benefits of the course

This course will suit a range of professionals and others who need to know how to deal with emergency situations and know of the critical signs to watch out for. By employing very high quality e-learning techniques, including case studies , interactivity and self-testing exercises, users can run through the course at their own pace, breaking off whenever appropriate, and so get a sound grounding on what they must do in an emergency. A Certificate will serve as proof-positive evidence of the course completion. As such the course will suit a wide range of users including:

  • All Healthcare professionals including doctors, GPs, and nurses for whom this course provides either a foundation or a refresher
  • Associated Healthcare workers such as receptionists, porters or anyone who's job may involve them interacting with the general public
  • Dentists and dental assistants
  • School staff including teachers and teaching assistants
  • Corporate staff who are designated as first aid officers or similar under health and safety requirements
  • All those employed in places open to the public such as shops, supermarkets, transport facilities e.t.c, who are charged with providing first line emergency help to the public
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