Clinical Negligence

Knowing and understanding about the consequences of negligent actions in the health, community and social care context is everyone's business in order to be aware of risks and avoid them for the benefit of patients and service users

£579.3 million was paid out in connection with clinical negligence claims in 2006-07. This figure includes both damages paid to patients and the legal costs borne by the NHS? (NHS LA).

How this course can help you

This course will give health, community and social care staff an understanding of the legal responsibilities and constraints of their work in general practice and the community. By enabling access on- line, users can work at their own pace, and when all exercises have been completed, receive a Certificate for CPD or annual appraisal purposes.

Course Content

  • General introduction to areas of law applying to medical and healthcare practice
  • The legal concept of clinical negligence
  • Consent to treatment
  • Confidentiality
  • Data protection and Medical Records
  • Freedom of Information

By the end of the course participants will be able to understand

  • The law on professional negligence and of measures to ensure compliance with legal and other requirements
  • The concepts of duty of care, breach of duty, causation of damage and compensation for injury, pain, suffering and distress
  • The need for consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Handling information
  • The legal importance of accurate records

Benefits of the course

The course will benefit the organisation by training its staff to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the legal framework within which they work. Users who successfully complete the e-learning course will recognise the need to maintain an appropriate standard of care for their patients, be aware of actions and behaviours that could lead to breach of that standard of care and recognise the importance of preventing damage and injury caused by breach of duty of care. Successful completion of the course will also enable all members of health, community and social care teams to understand and facilitate each other?s understanding and compliance of their duties and responsibilities, thereby protecting the whole team from legal challenges and litigation.

Clinical Negligence £19.99