Safeguarding Children

This course will enable personnel from a wide range of agencies to understand their role and responsibilities in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Four at-risk children die from abuse every week. Ofsted found that 282 vulnerable children - many of them already known to social services - died in a 17-month period. A further 136 suffered serious harm or injury. Two thirds of those killed or hurt were babies less than a year old.

How this course can help you

This interactive e-learning course is designed to enable personnel from a range of organisations to understand their responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children as identified in the Children Acts 1989 / 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children (2006). It also supports the Every Child Matters agenda and Standard 5 of the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services. It meets the prior learning requirements of 'Safeguarding Children - A Shared Responsibility'. Provisions for Scotland & Wales are included. It has been created in collaboration with the Safeguarding Children Team at Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust.

Course Content

  • Introduction - Context & Terminology
  • Legislative Framework - Key legislation & documents
  • Child Maltreatment - Definitions, indicators and effects
  • Roles and Responsibilities - including local context
  • Information Sharing - including referrals;
  • Principles and Processes.

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Have an appreciation of and familiarity in their role safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
  • Recognise and understand the legislative framework
  • Have a clear understanding of what to do if they have concerns about a child's welfare
  • Understand about the roles and responsibilities of self and others
  • Understand issues related to information sharing, confidentiality and consent
  • Know where to find support and advice.

Benefits of the course

This course will benefit organisations and their partner-agencies by supplying to those involved in different capacities for the care and welfare of children with essential information and to develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities and so enhance their ability to undertake their duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Not only serving as an invaluable tool for blended learning strategies, the e-learning approach is especially suitable for service groups who may have difficulties releasing staff to attend training sessions, or where local capacity to deliver sessions is not sufficient.

Average course duration

3 hours 15 minutes if completed in a single session.

System requirements

Tablet, laptop, or desktop machine running Windows, Mac or Linux and a modern web browser. The course will play on iPhone and Android smart phones although the smaller screen size would mean the need to zoom and/or pan.

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